&YOGA provides a wide variety of Yoga classes. Since we are not very big, we remain cosy and have a personal approach.

Our yoga school consists of two yoga studios. One larger studio, used for warm and hot yoga classes and one smaller studio for cool classes, such as: Yin, Yin/Yang, Meditation, Pilates or Yoga Nidra.


Level and different classes:

IIn the big and heated studio, you can choose between three different levels: basic, medium and advanced. Our colour coded schedule will clarify the level of each class. There is a choice between four fixed sequences: &Basic Flow, &Core Flow, &Strong Flow and &Hot Series. Feeling a bit more adventurous? There is also the possibility to take a free flow lesson where the instructor has a carte blanche, meaning that they get to decide what kind of lesson it will be.

All classes in the warm studio are one hour.

In the small non-heated studio, there are different types of classes such as: Yin, Yin/Yang, Meditation, Pilates or Yoga Nidra. Classes are accessible to all levels and are not colour coded.


Kim & Flean


Kim & Flean met at the Amsterdamse Montessori School when they where 4 years old.

They stayed best friends until they were 12. When Flean moved away from Amsterdam they lost contact. Until they met again on the Yoga mat, finding out they shared the same passion and dream.